Cowlbeck & Coulbeck families

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Frederick William Cowlbeck

Frederick William Cowlbeck (1834-1869)was a ships captain born in Hull, England from Lincolnshire decent. He used to do the coal run from Newcatle to London.


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The name originates in Lincolnshire area of England, but with the major port of Hull nearby, and the decline in farming and fishing many family migrated to Australia, Canada, New Zeeland and the US.

The Cowlbeck name is difficult to spell and often corupted but seems to have two clear "proper" spellings: Cowlbeck and Coulbeck. There are some family records that get changed to Colbeck and other derivatives but they will only be included here if they clearly link to a family called Cowlbeck or Coulbeck.

A Cowlbeck Wedding

Wedding of Edith Cowlbeck in 1922, East Ham. Unfortunately for the continuation of the surname, a family with many daughters and only two sons.